Our Partners

Zenith is proudly collaborating with strategic partners to revolutionise Life Sciences with modern, purpose built AI.


Currently, over 90% of biologists in the world run experiments with manual pipettes, moving tiny amounts of liquid from vial to vial by hand. By making robotics affordable and open,  Opentrons is building a common platform to help all life-scientists easily execute and share their experiments. 


Opentrons’ robotics are in use in over 40 countries around the world and have been adopted by top-tier institutions like Stanford, Harvard, Merck, and Roche.

Neochromosome, Inc. is a biotech company whose disruptive chromosome synthesis and engineering technologies are changing the world of synthetic biology.  Rather than piecemeal editing of an existing genome, Neo delivers entire chromosomes designed de novo to be modular and orthogonal to the host cell.


Neo’s work has revolutionized the Design - Build - Deliver paradigm for biological engineering with a focus on higher eukaryotic cells for expression of commercially valuable biological pathways.


During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of leading experts came together to launch the Pandemic Response Lab (PRL) which was announced by NYC’s Mayor De Blasio in August 2020. 


To meet the exacting demands for SARS-CoV-2 pandemic testing for NYC, the team created a high-throughput pipeline capable of processing samples at the scale of an entire city, at a fraction of the cost compared to existing solutions. They are now extending this platform for detection of diverse human pathogens to provide unprecedented accessibility for clinically actionable information to improve human health.